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Tue 26th October 2021 to Thu 28th October 2021
Safari Zoo's Dino Days - October half term

Do your little ones love Dinosaurs?

This October Cumbria Zoo at Lindal-in-Furness near Ulverston, has some very special friends coming to visit. 

The Roars
You’ve seen them on TV…..Now we are bringing the Dino's to Safari Zoo on October 26th, 27th and 28th October 2021.

We begin with the Story of the First Egg of Jurassic Earth! Jurassic Earth tells the tale of discovery and adventure, as an intrepid explorer headed into the jungles of South America only to find a set of Dinosaur eggs. A small team of Dinosaur Rangers have cared and raised them as their own. Meet the creatures of Jurassic Earth. Ever heard a baby Dinosaur Roar? Come and help us welcome these adorable, captivating, attention-seeking, finger-nibbling, blinking, newly-hatched, baby dinosaurs to the world this half term!

Now you are familliar with Dinos, have you and your DINO-MITES got what it takes to look after and control wild Dinosaurs and become a Dinosaur Ranger at our Ranger Training Base Camp!

Now you're all graduated, we'll be testing your newly-acquired skills with Richie the Raptor! . Don't blink... Don't breathe... and DEFINITELY don't run! He BLINKS, he ROARS, he SWALLOWS: he’s MISCHIEVOUS, NAUGHTY, VERY intelligent, EXTREMELY vocal and his TEETH are SUPER SHARP - DON’T try to CUDDLE him! Richie’s training isn’t going too well…..he’s not up for being tamed. He’s still 100% wild, 100% unpredictable and 100% entertaining!

Last, but most definitely not least, we have the Zeus the Giant T-Rex he ROARS, he BLINKS, he WALKS and he is HUGE! Everyone, meet Zeus, Europe’s biggest walking T-Rex! Zeus’ rangers have been busy training this Jurassic “King of the Tyrant Lizards” ready to meet you at Safari Zoo this half term!

Performance Times:
Performance 1: 10:30am
Performance 2: 12:45pm
Performance 3: 3pm

Please click on the link below to secure your Roarsome day with the Dinos